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About GOA

Garden of A’s is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tutoring organization for children residing in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. We currently service students in grades pre-k through 6th free of charge to participants. GOA is dedicated to helping youth realize their full potential in life and offering them a helping hand to get there. While we are a tutoring service, we offer our time and knowledge to enhancing the whole child and having loads of fun while doing it! Our philosophy is anchored in student achievement and motivation. We believe that with the right environment, motivation, and encouragement, all children can succeed to the highest expectation. We further believe that children achieve motivation by having fun and realizing the value of being life-long learners and respectful, productive citizens.

We Empower

We design fun activities that are in accordance with the TEKS to prepare for STAAR testing.

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We Motivate

We strive to motivate and encourage children to become the best version of themselves.

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We Engage

We provide engaging seminars and events that focuses on bettering every aspect of our children.

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